Training & Development

As a leading consultancy firm, MotusIT Consulting Group's success and reputation can only be as good as its people's capabilities. So it is natural for us to want to create an environment that attracts and develops the best consultants in the world. We have a world class training infrastructure in place and our training programs provides the edge you need to stay ahead in today's dynamic global marketplace.


Upon joining MotusIT, you will attend an onboarding training session in the US. You will attend the course with your peers from across MotusIT globally, providing an excellent platform from which you can begin building your network within MotusIT.


We recognise that providing an outstanding training program, which supports you throughout your career, is essential to your professional development. We provide the training opportunities available, which we deliver through Courses, Resources, Events, e-Learning Kits and Individual Coaches.


Our Mentoring programme is hugely beneficial to all our new Joiners. You will, after three months, start working and meeting with a Mentor regularly. Your Mentor supports your progress, provides guidance and advice and acts as a confidential 'Sounding Board'.